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I uncovered my love of hairdressing at the age of nine. Every summer, I would visit my Aunt Judy, who owned a small but popular hair salon on Catalina Island. When the other kids were out at the beach I was a fixture in the salon. Judy’s Hair House was a small three chair operation, nothing fancy, but I felt like it was the most glamorous place I’d ever seen. I eagerly took it all in with my senses. I loved the smells, the colors, the hair on the floor, and of course the stunning transformation of the clients. Most importantly I witnessed the intimate relationship and trust that each client formed with their hairdresser. I saw that the change in the client wasn’t just about the hair. They actually somehow seemed “healed” from the pressing issues of the day. To witness their real beauty come through from the inside out kept me in awe. That’s when I knew that this too was my destiny. I attended Charles Ross Hair Design school in Los Angeles, California in 1988. I’ve worked in various salons throughout the LA area gaining hands on experience and valuable knowledge. My truest passions were uncovered with coloring and innovative styles. That is where my true artistry shines and it has been shining brightly for twenty years. Eleven of those years have been at L’Image Hair Salon in Redondo Beach California making people gorgeous. I am so grateful to be in an industry that I truly love while also helping people heal, bringing their true beauty to the surface. My love of art also transcends from the chair to the canvas. I am an accomplished painter and my creative work is inspired by my spirituality and respect and love of art..” btn_text=”read more” btn_link=”nam-aliquam-pretium-feugiat-duis-sem-est-viverra-eu/vivamus-mi-eros” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” custom_class=”extra”] [/span12] [/row]

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Hermosa Beach Hair Salon

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Shop Hours

  • 9am - 6pm  Tues-Saturday
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[list_un] The Studios at Salon Republic 1601 PCH #280 Studio 33 Hermosa Beach ca. 90254 951-751-7098 [/list_un] [button text="View Directions" link="contact-stacey" size="normal" target="_self" display="inline" icon="no"]
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